Where to read?

June 26, 2024
You might be wondering ‘Where do I find good lists of deadly First Nations books?’…. and “where do you buy or borrow them”?
Great places to find Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander books, authors and illustrators, include:
I always encourage people to ‘buy blak’ first, buy local second, ‘buy big’ and as a very last resort- ‘buy chain’:
  • Buy from First Nations, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander businesses such as FISH EnterprisesRiley Callie ResourcesKoori CurriculumYarn Strong Sista to name a few.
  • Second is to buy local- our local bookstores are like a home and heart to our local book experts. They host local author and illustrator events, curate locally relevant books, chat books and tailor books with and for you. And if we don’t use them, we use them.
  • The next layer on the book buying pyramid is ‘buy big’ which is the bigger Australian booksellers like Booktopia or Readings.
  • And finally- is the ‘buy chain’ option as last resort. Some of my books are available in Big W, Target or other big chains like that.
How can I read First Nations books if I can’t buy them?
  • Loan them from your school library
  • Loan them from your local library
  • Read them in an online library like Borrow Box
How can I spread the word about First Nations books?
  • Request more First Nations books in your school library and class library. If you know some that aren’t in your library (like mine or one from your favourite First Nations author/illustrator) you can ask for them specifically.
  • Request First Nations books at your community library.
  • Request First Nations books at your local bookstore.
  • Share your favourite First Nations books with your friends, teachers, librarians, parents.
Did you know? My books are available in different formats too? Most are available in: print book, audio book, ebook, some are available in braille, and large font.
And did you know… my newest picture book comes out next week! You can pre-request it in your school library, community library and local bookstore NOW. Help me spread the word!
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