Ochre Ribbon Week

February 10, 2023


This week we commemorate Ochre Ribbon Week.

Did you know Australian First Nations cultures are the oldest continuous cultures in the world? That there are many First Nations role models and leaders showcasing our intergenerational strength and resilience?

But there are also many intergenerational traumas and issues that impact some in our communities. One of these are the impacts of domestic and family violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Ochre Ribbon Week is an Indigenous-led campaign from 12 to 19 February to raise awareness, provide strategies and supports to those impacted by domestic and family violence and show that we stand together against violence.

Domestic and family violence is not a First Nations occurrence. Domestic and family violence happens across all cultures, races, socio-economic groups and locations. But this campaign focuses on how we can prevent violence in First Nations communities and support families.

This campaign is a reminder that we teach and role model positive relationships for our young people. That we say no to domestic violence. And that our Governments continue to fund, support and run campaigns to support First Nations families to avoid violence, escape from violence and seek the appropriate supports they need.




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