NAIDOC 2023 Book Recommendations

November 26, 2022

Welcome to our post with some NAIDOC 2023 Book Recommendations! The NAIDOC theme of “For Our Elders” is a powerful one. The role that First Nations Elders play in community is important in sharing and continuing connection to culture, language, Country, Lore and history.

These books will support readers from all ages to learn about and understand First Nations Elders roles, importance and place… and how we can work together “for our Elders”.

Picture Books

Books for Middle and Young Adult Readers

  • Black Cockatooby Hakea Hustler, Carl Merrison and Dub Leffler is a story about Mia who lives in a remote outback community. She learns much from her Elders- her jawiji and jaja- about her totem, connection and place in the world. A good book to match the 2023 NAIDOC theme ‘for our Elders’ (teacher resources)
  • “Tracks of the Missing” by Carl Merrison, Hakea Hustler, Kiara Honeychurch and Dub Leffler  is a book about Deklan Archer who must work closely with his grandfather to save a missing busload of students who have become lost during a school camp. Deklan learns much from his Elder during their hunt. A good book for YA audiences in grades 7-10 during NAIDOC week. (teacher resources)
  • “Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia” edited by Anita Heiss is an anthology of stories from First Nations Australians including famous Indigenous people, leaders and Elders. Readers hear stories from many First Nations people directly. This book closely aligns to the NAIDOC 2023 theme.
  • Grace Beside Me” by Sue McPherson is about Fuzzy Mac who goes to live with her grandparents. Fuzzy gets strong moral support of Nan and Pop. Nan is Koorie, Pop is a descendant of South Sea Islands. The novel celebrates the importance of family that also touches on mission homes, the Stolen Generations and a spiritual connection to the land. This book is aligned with the NAIDOC 2023 topic of ‘for our Elders’.

Books for Adults

Most of the book links on this page go back to First Nations bookstores and businesses: FISH Enterprises, Koori Curriculum, Riley Callie Resources, Magabala Books and Yarn Strong Sista. Each of the websites have different and unique books in their collection and are all worth a look through- the books in each are comprehensive with some similarities, but many different. We encourage you to support local, Australian First Nations businesses this NAIDOC day and beyond.

Have some recommendations of your own? Vote on our Goodreads ‘best book NAIDOC 2023’ list. Or let us know on our Facebook page or Instagram!

Want to read more deadly First Nations books or watch First Nations content- click here for a Recommended Reading List for Teachers and Recommended Viewing List.

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