Indie Outback April Update

April 25, 2021

Indie is struggling to find her feet in book number 3.

This month I jumped between book two and book three to try to make the story flow across all three books and make sure the storyline flowed. A really interesting process. In a single book you are kind of just worrying about a single story arch, a single plot, a single ‘Seven Steps to Writing Success’ mountain. In a series you need to have a beginning, middle and end to each book- a cliff hanger to have the reader come back for the next book… and a story arch across all three. It has been really interesting to learn the process and work on these books.

But it has been challenging to learn the new style and to push myself as a writer.

Meanwhile, Carl has been working on his own books which is really exciting. It is cool to have our own projects on the go- as well as a few together!


Stay tuned!

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