Finding funds for author visits

May 13, 2023



We so know and understand the financial restrictions that many Australian schools face. Carl is an Aboriginal Education Officer and Hakea is a teacher- so both have been penny pinching for programs in the past.

We believe that author visits (talks and workshops as well as author-in-residence programs) are worthwhile for your students. They can learn about author work and writing careers, learn strategies and techniques to improve their writing, be inspired to write or read diverse books.

As authors, we aim to write and reach as many Australian readers and students as we can. To fund our writing time we rely on our ‘main jobs’, book sales, as well as author talks. We want to keep writing deadly books for your kids. As such we have to charge for our author visits.

But… we have thought up all list of ways you might seek funding to have us, or other deadly authors and illustrators, come to visit.

Author talk visits to schools can be funded in several ways:

  • Per student contribution
  • P&C fundraising efforts to cover or offset
  • Share the cost if multi-campus or cluster of schools
  • Check with your local public library to investigate if they would like to be involved, or if they have author sessions booked to which you could take your students.
  • Partnership or sponsorship from a local business
  • RADF grant
  • Check out the Ministry for the Arts in your state
  • The Commonwealth Education website to see if they are offering grants for anything you can focus on, such as improving literacy outcomes for boys.
  • lf in NSW, the CBCA offer grants to financially, culturally or geographically disadvantage schools in their CBC2U program. Your state or territory CBCA may have funding.



To book Carl or Hakea to for an Author Visit click here: Author Talks 2023

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