Deadly Reads: Go Home Cheeky Animals

December 20, 2018

Ok, so this book totally isn’t aimed at YA audiences… but it was so good reading it to little Ms 2, Ms 5 and Mr 9 that we thought we’d add it here. Maybe every book starts to sound good when you’ve read it over what feels like 100 bed times!

Johanna Bell and Dion Beasley have created an authentically outback book about the many ‘cheeky’ (means naughty in Aboriginal English) animals that often live in or around Aboriginal communities. It sounded so much like Halls Creek and One Arm Point but could really be any small rural town!

At first the dogs move in because grandpa feeds them. He says that the dogs will help keep the other pesky animals away… and so goes the humorous little story. The pictures are child-like and funky to add to the playful air of the book.

This book made the CBA shortlist- and it’s no surprise why. Highly recommend to anyone trying to get a feel for life in the outback or in remote Aboriginal communities.

Watch the story being read by respected Aboriginal man, Jack Charles on Youtube here.

>>> Teacher mob- this book could be the writing spark for lots of stories about the things cheeky animals get up to in your community too! <<<

Have you read this book- share your opinion below! 

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