Create NSW Outback Laughs update

April 15, 2022

We have been busy in drafting mode for our Create NSW grant project- Outback Laughs.

We sometimes feel like we never have enough time. We are currently living in Northern Rivers NSW near Hakea’s family. So floods, internet outages for weeks, power outages, school closures and more have hampered our writing efforts. Thankfully all Hakea’s family are safe, many of them impacted by the Lismore floods, Woodburn floods and Ballina floods in different ways though.

Carl has also been affected by the WA border closures. We moved to NSW to be close to Hakea’s family, career opportunities, and a play based start to formal schooling for our daughter. We have tended to do a few years in WA and a few years in NSW- sharing our time and love for each family. But we have always made time to go back and forth between states to make sure we keep in contact with both sides of our family. So the border closures have been really hard for Carl.

So drafting has been slow.

It’s hard to write funny stuff… when things are a bit hectic!

A slow and steady approach for this.


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