My Deadly Boots

March 29, 2017

An empowering, uplifting picture book about what it is that makes you who you are, from the award-winning authors of Black Cockatoo.

When a young Aboriginal boy finally receives the footy boots he has been saving for, they give him the confidence he needs to face the struggles in his life. He wears them everywhere, showing them off to his friends and family as he goes. But when his boots go missing, his grandfather helps him to realise that there is much more to him than what he wears on his feet — he can draw strength from the support of his family and his connection to culture and Country.

Praise for ‘My Deadly Boots’:

  • “This is a great book about many varied issues surrounding sport, prejudice, resilience and so much more” The Children’s Bookshop on Instagram
  • “Having a variety of First Nations texts for students to read is so important… I highly recommend this fabulous book- a must have for the classroom” Lauren’s Lil Learners on Instagram.
  • “You heard it here first. My 7 year old says this is the best book of the year!! And I would have to agree that it is pretty awesome” Can You Tell Me A Story- on Instagram.

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