Aboriginal Authors 2022

November 15, 2022

There are some pretty deadly First Nations authors who have forged the way for years, others finding their place in the publishing industry and Australian literary landscape. I explore some of them below.

Some of the deadly authors we have loved meeting or working with:

  • Lucas Proudfoot– author of ‘The Proudfoots‘, Lucas gives amazing school talks and performances.
  • Dub Leffler– author and illustrator of many children’s books, Dub is also very active in the writer’s festival and school presentation space.
  • Samantha Campbell– Samantha is an illustrator of books including ‘My Aunty’s Wedding‘, ‘Brother Moon‘, ‘Alfred’s War‘… and our book ‘My Deadly Boots‘.
  • Scott Wilson– author of an upcoming Aboriginal superhero comics with Gestalt Comics, as well as a picture book ‘Little Bullock‘… full disclaimer… Carl’s nephew and talented creator all round.
  • Rowena Morgan– Rowena is a Halls Creek artist living in Broome. She is working with Magabala to release a book in the near future. We can’t wait to read it. Disclosure… Carl’s relative <3
  • Rachel Bin Salleh– Rachel, publisher at Magabala books, is also a talented author! She wrote Alfred’s War about First Nations people in war.
  • Kiara Honeychurch– Kiara did the amazing cover art on our book Tracks of the Missing. She is also an author and illustrator of her own children’s hardback book.
  • Blak Douglas– I had the pleasure of meeting Blak at Nimbin Central School when he came to do his NAIDOC week presentation. An amazing illustrator and artist, including of books.

First Nations authors we love to read:

  • Jared Thomas– ‘Songs that sound like blood’ and ‘Calypso Summer’ are two of the favourites from this author but he has a great list of books.
  • Anita Heiss– writes across many genres so one of her books is bound to appeal.
  • Ambelin Kwaymullina and Ezekiel Kwaymullina– their works including ‘Catching Teller Crow‘ are must reads. Both have other books as well.
  • Ellen van Neerven- internationally award winning author and poet.
  • Sue McPherson– loved ‘Grace Beside Me‘ and the ABC children’s series by the same name.
  • Meme McDonald (dec), Boori Monty Pryor– their works ‘My Girragundji‘ and ‘Binna Binna Man‘ were such great reads and have been studied in many schools around Australia.
  • Tara June Winch– Tara received national acclaim for her book ‘The Yield‘ but has since published other books to add to your To-Be-Read pile!
  • Brenton E. McKennaUbby’s Underdogs is such a great read. We loved it as it is set in the Kimberley’s, graphic novel and action packed!
  • Thomas Mayor– Thomas has come out with some crackers in the last few years. ‘Dear Son‘, ‘Finding our Heart‘ and ‘Freedom Day‘ are must reads.
  • Jasmine Seymour– Jasmine’s author career is really taking off. Her picture books are engaging and beautiful.
  • Sally Morgan– continues to engage and inspire through her many books. We love her collaborations with her children too.
  • Kirli Saunders– Kirli is an author to watch. Not only is she a talented poet, author but her work beyond the publishing world is powerful as well. She gives excellent school talks, presentations and does consulting work.
  • Jimmy Pike (dec)- Jimmy’s book series ‘Yinti‘ contains powerful little vigenettes that span the course of his life. A great read.
  • Tony Birch– Tony is an award winning novelist of books including ‘The White Girl’, ‘Ghost River’ and ‘Blood’
  • Melissa Lucashenko– the award winning author and avid writer’s festival speaker published titles including ‘Mullumbimby’ and ‘Too Much Lip’.

And this is just a snippet of First Nation author (and illustrator) talent in Australia from 2022 and before. There are so many other talented First Nations authors and illustrators who have forged the path or are emerging now.

These links might help you explore some more:

Carl Merrison- First Nations Author

For us, Carl is a First Nations author and Hakea is of European and convict heritage. Together we write children’s, middle readers and YA books. Carl has his lived experience, stories from his life growing up in Halls Creek in the Kimberley’s, his experiences of issues that affect First Nations people in outback Australia. For Carl though, many of his stories don’t feel unique, special or worth writing though, as this is his everyday life. Hakea has years of experience as an English teacher and worked for many, many years in remote outback First Nations communities. Hakea and Carl collaborate to write their books about outback life and adventures. To date, they have ‘Black Cockatoo‘ (Magabala 2018), ‘Tracks of the Missing‘ (Magabala 2022), My Deadly Boots (Hachette 2022). Our books come with comprehensive teacher’s notes on our website.

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