Youngest ever author

December 14, 2017

As I was editing our latest Indigenous young adult supernatural suspense fiction book my nephew came over to see what I was doing. I explained to him that I was reading my editor‘s feedback and then making changes based on her ideas. He listened to some examples and then got hooked… 19 chapters later he wanted to try to write his own.

He spoke and I scribed… 300+ words!! I helped him stay on track with his story and to expand on some ideas. It was a pretty deadly story. He asked me how old you have to be to get published.

One of my favourite ever authors, Isobelle Carmody was just 14 when she wrote the first book of her Obernewtyn Chronicals! But I didn’t know the answer for my nephew… so of course we just ‘Googled’ it.

There were kids as old as 7 writing some deadly sounding stuff! Just Jake stood out as a success story… his website and trailers look amazing!

My nephew’s story has lots of potential- his made up monster the Gijjy and the orientation to the story are shaping up well. But even if it never ever gets even close to being sent to a publisher- practice makes perfect! He’s only 7… plenty of years to still break into the publishing industry before he is a teenager lols.

Think it might end of being a pretty skutta Christmas present for his family if we print and illustrate it, at very least!

Do you write? Would you like to be an author?

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