Who is Deklan Archer?

April 30, 2021

Deklan Archer is the 15 year old fiction character from our upcoming YA suspense thriller set in the Australian outback, Tracks of the Missing (Magabala 2021). He is the First Nations protagonist (main character) who tells our story through his first person narrative- he tells the story from his eyes. Deklan Archer is a run amok bush kid who loves hanging out with his mates.

Deklan Archer has come into the bigger rural town to attend school and prepare for a football carnival where scouts from the big teams will be looking for talent. This opportunity doesn’t happen very often at all, and its even less often that life pans out that a kid like Deklan Archer could make it all line up that he is able to attend to try out. He had to travel from his remote community to even get in the town team to be seen. This opportunity is huge. Life changing. Deklan Archer wants nothing more than to get drafted into the AFL and turn his life around. Then there is a death under suspicious circumstances and a missing busload of students that throw Deklan Archer’s big plans into disarray.

We borrowed the name from Deklan (our son) and Archer (Hakea’s nephew). Archer loved hearing about the early drafts and even wrote his own book The Gidgie about a scary scorpian monster. We hope the boys love the book. We love them.

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