What inspired the new book Tracks of the Missing?

April 17, 2021

What inspired Tracks of the Missing? Good question!

Tracks of the Missing was inspired by reading Goosebumps to our son, Deklan. He loved the suspense and anticipation, the scary scenes, the intrigue. And so did we as we read it to him.

We listened carefully to the pace of the chapters, the flow of the story, how the suspense and intrigue was written into the stories. We also realised that there were lots of oral scary stories in the outback that rural and remote kids could relate to- and that we could use as inspiration.

We are pretty passionate about supporting remote community kids to learn to read and love to read… and read for pleasure! Our writing is our gift back to kids who are doing it a little tough- like we did growing up. To the kids who feel like they have ‘nothing to read’. Hopefully this book will hook them in. They inspired us to write our next book too. Writing books that kids in the outback wanted to read.

We based some of the book on real life snippets like people stranded in the outback and loosely based characters on mixes of different people we’d come across.

We think it all came together okay… we can’t wait for you to read it to see if we pulled it off!

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