Travel as writing inspiration

February 11, 2018

One of the biggest perks about working in schools means we get school holidays when you do… even if we still have to do planning and marking along the way.

We love travel and have been to some deadly places together. Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Broome, Kununurra, Darwin… Geelong, Torquay, Ballina, Byron, Gold Coast & more. We both travelled long before we met each other too- I volunteered at uni to go work with kids out bush and then working around Australia as a teacher, and Carl travelling on Clontarf camps with high school boys.

Now we are working up on the Dampier Peninsula which is about 2.5 hours up a dirt road from Broome in WA.

All these places have given us little snippets for the stories we write. Life experiences. The funny people you meet that might turn into a character. The beautiful bush that might become a setting. The stories from an old friend that inspire a chapter.

Our best advice? Take every opportunity that life throws your way! If Carl hadn’t taken up the Clontarf Officer job he would never have seen the places he has and got paid for it (or met me 😉). I had some pretty deadly opportunities pop up for me- expenses paid volunteer trip position to do holiday programs in Pupanya and Areyonga NT, then a scholarship to teach rural Pinjarra in my first year of teaching, then a job in Halls Creek WA.

Ask your teacher if there are any leadership camps you can apply to this year, or check if you qualify for any basketball or footy teams, if you go to church as if they have any trips coming up? Your town youth worker might know some cool opportunities? Even the police sometimes run camps for youth. There are some deadly things out there… you just have to ask and look!

Tell us where the most deadly place you have ever been was?

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