The many jobs of author Carl Merrison

March 18, 2024

Carl Merrison is an award-winning Jaru/Gija childrens, middle reader and YA author from Halls Creek in the Kimberley WA. But did you know he has worked in many different roles across his life?┬áLet’s find out more!

Hi you mob, what na?

My name is Carl. I’m passionate about Aboriginal education, remote education and sport which have been reflected in my job choices.

I’ve been a:

  • pool life guard
  • junior AFL coach, senior womens AFL coach, senior mens AFL coach, elite sports pathways coach, cadet with Brisbane Lions
  • Kimberley Spirit Program Coordinator through Garnduwa
  • Clontarf Officer
  • Aboriginal Education Officer and Education Assistant
  • owner at The Remote Teacher as a teacher mentor and advocate
  • author

I bet you can see how my passions have turned into my jobs, and then my passions and jobs influenced my books!

Through these jobs I have met many amazing people, worked with many deadly kids and teens, explored many different places across the outback and Australia.

I’ve also had many hobbies:

  • Any sport! I’ve played footy for seniors men’s teams, but also been table tennis champ in my workplace, and won King of the Kimberley basketball competition.
  • Fishing and hunting on Country. Crabbing in saltwater Country.
  • Swimming in freshwater
  • Playing and exploring with my children
  • Writing and storytelling
  • Hanging out with family and friends
  • Gold detecting
  • Learning art, culture and language

These hobbies are often reflected in my books too. I wonder if you can think of which ones that have one of my hobbies in them?

This year, 2024, I have two books coming out that explore some of my passions too: ‘Kimberley Kickers: Jy goes for Gold’ (Harper Collins) and ‘Backyard Tennis’ (Lothian).

‘Kimberley Kickers’ is based on the true childhood of Gold Coast Suns player Jy Farrar. Jy grew up in the same small outback community I did… in fact… he is my nephew. Each chapter of this story shows you how Jy’s skills and attributes as a deadly footy player were developed growing up in the Kimberley. [PREORDER HERE]

‘Backyard Tennis’ is the second book in the Blak&Write Fellowship winning Backyard Sports series after ‘Backyard Footy’. When mum finds some old tennis rackets the child is curious to learn… and soon the whole neighbourhood are involved in a game of street tennis! [PREORDER HERE]

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