The making of Mia

December 1, 2022



Let me introduce you to the protagonist of Black Cockatoo, Mia. Mia is a 13 year old Jaru girl who lives with her mother, grandparents and brother in a small outback remote community.

Mia was modelled on the many amazing teenage girls of Halls Creek. Strong, kind, determined, resourceful. She was all that we hoped our daughter will be- kind to animals, able to overcome adversity, brave, strong in culture, connected to Country, sense of identity.

We wrote the book for our daughter before she was born. We wanted her to always be connected to Country and culture even if she wasn’t there in her home town. We wanted her to see she could fly away and always return back to Jaru/Kija Country as she needed.

We didn’t want our character to get bogged down in peer pressure, parties or other teenage stuff. Her home life was the focus of the book, and for those who have read it, we feel like she had enough on her plate to deal with without going into worrying about school, peers, bullying or boys. Some reviewers though that due to this that she appeared naive or younger than our intent.

We think Mia is pretty deadly! What about you?

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