The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

April 10, 2018

Does your community have a library? If not, you should speak with your teachers about asking the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to donate books to your school! You can even take them home!

The mob at Halls Creek District High School got take home book packs. Our son, Deklan, still sports his orange take home reading bag hung on his door in his room. He didn’t always love reading. Now he eats through books with us all reading together- Bad Guys, Goosebumps, WeirDo, Scooby Doo… We love reading with Miss A and Dek.

We want you and your mob to be able to have fun reading together too! Sooooooooo ask your teachers to get the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to donate schools to your too.

To sign up for books fill out this form: 

Teacher mob:

Research shows that “early intervention is the key to giving children the best chance of becoming literate” so the work that the Indigenous Literacy Foundation does is imperative as it puts books in the hands of struggling Indigenous readers and their families. We highly advocate for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and encourage you to show your support by creating awareness of the program.

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