Stronger Smarter- For all you teacher mob out there

June 10, 2018

We think the Stronger Smarter philosophy is deadly! It is helping to change mindsets and empower Aboriginal people. They believe in high expectations, positive sense of cultural identity and positive Indigenous leadership.

When I first arrived at Halls Creek District High School Stronger Smarter was introduced to us as part of our induction. However, at the time this was a tricky concept to understand coming from a background of programs with tangible actions and outcomes. The Stronger Smarter philosophy “honours a positive sense of cultural identity, and acknowledges and embraces positive community leadership, enabling innovative and dynamic approaches and processes that are anchored by high expectations relationships. High expectation relationships honour the humanity of others, and in so doing, acknowledge one’s strengths, capacity and human right to emancipatory opportunity”. Get all that?

Two close friends and colleagues from the high school had the opportunity to participate in the Leadership program. It was amazing to see how they returned from their PD empowered, inspired and talking so highly of the program.

Our participants came back with passion, new approaches to working with Indigenous staff and our students. They had new perspectives and were able to help us look at some of our unique challenges through the Stronger Smarter lense. Our meetings became more productive and our classrooms more dynamic. One of the most powerful things that they were able to share with me was the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program Posters which I still refer to in my practice today to help see through the Stronger Smarter lense again. I highly recommend you download a copy and make them available for a staff meeting discussion.

Even though I have not had the opportunity yet to participate in one of the Leadership programs they come highly recommended by my colleagues who have been so lucky. Check out their website to find out how.

No need to wait though….You can do the Online Module now!

Stronger Smarter Institute accept donations. You might want to pop over and help.

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