Street Stories- On the street with Calariah

June 9, 2017

On the street with this deadly 17 year old! We yarned with this Derby chick, Calariah, to find out all that made her tick!

1. Where are you from? How did you learn about your heritage? I’m from a small town called Derby, which is on the coast of the Kimberley in WA an hour north of Broome.

2. What are you most proud of? I’m most proud of my families. They are always around me when I need and they’re always supporting me in everything.

3. What do you wish you could change most in the world? Do you have an idea of how you could change it? I wish I could change my life, myself and the peoples around me. Stop people working against each other- making life so hard and miserable. If I had a chance of changing myself and my life I would get away from my hometown; travel the world and be someone. Someone I didn’t realise I could even achieve to be.

4. Who is your favourite author/book/genre? I love reading it keeps me calm and occupied. I enjoy reading books that are interesting and funny. I also love listening the old people’s stories on what happened back in the days what they used to do and how they use to work when they were young. Old people’s stories are the best I just love listening to them talk about their past.

5. What are your dreams for the future? In the future after I finished school I want to go to uni to become a nurse/midwife. If that doesn’t happen straight away, I’ve got a lot of ideas and opportunity like being an ager carer, childcare and a chef. I love looking after old people and kids. I have the patience and love working with them because I just love looking after them and also I love showing my love and caring towards them just to make them feel loved wanted and always care for them. The reason I put chef in there as well I love cooking and making different things cooking is one of my favourite things to do it gives me the passion to become and make myself a great cook of everything.

Calariah is currently chasing her dreams in Perth by attending boarding school! We think you are an amazingly strong woman for being brave enough to leave home and to stay focused for your future! Good luck, chickie! Keep us updated!!

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