Songs in Real Life

October 22, 2017

We’ve had the best fun creating Songs in Real Life videos with the mob at One Arm Point RCS on the Dampier Peninsula, West Kimberley WA!

So far we have videos for the senior high school, middle school, 5/6, 3/4 and 1/2 classes! Which just leaves the K/PP munchkins to work their acting magic!

Some classes created their own scripts with the snippets of songs used by other SIRL on the internet, some used the songs on their phones to create the script and some classes copied the YouTube clips mostly before adding a few touches of their own.

One student records the actor while the other plays the song snippet on the speakers in the background. The rest of the class works on a worksheet (at their level) while they wait for their chance to act too! Then I take the videos and edit them on iMovie later- choosing the best ‘takes’ and putting extra music over when needed. Sometimes little shots don’t work and then I usually just put in a title or a text slide so I can say what’s happening that way.

It’s been so much fun finding the time to do these deadly videos… and they link it with Literacy and Language (Speaking and Listening) as well as the Arts for all those teachers worried about the curriculum 😉

I love stories coming alive on the screen not just in books!!

I’ll try to post some of our scripts up here in case you want to use them with your class too!

Share a link to the SIRL videos you have made too!!! Would love to check them out!

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