On being Writers

May 1, 2020

I have always loved stories.

Devouring books… probably escaping reality a bit. Babysitter’s Club, Goosebumps, Obernewtyn Chronicals, Tomorrow When the War Began, Taronga, The Magic Faraway Tree, Animorphs…

I can remember in year 7 sitting at the computer typing away a fantasy story and my pride as I made a few thousand word count. I wish I could dredge up that old floppy disk!!

I didn’t write very much for a long time then. Life got in the way and I had other dreams to chase- my teaching career, my travel, family stuff.

A few years teaching high school English, meeting Carl, a few months of ‘spare time’ and a sprinkle of inspiration lead to our first few stories! Turned out he loved telling stories too.

I think having the deadline of the birth of our daughter and the inspiration to write things that would matter to her actually helped as the push we needed to put pen to paper and make it happen. Self doubt about whether the story was good enough didn’t matter so much anymore because the story would matter to her.

Turned out that our story was actually good… and a broader audience loved it too. So that was the ego boost that we needed to continue our writing journey.

And here we are today.

So what could you take from our experience? Maybe that it’s about finding the write writing partner for you? Maybe you need that one person to write a story for that it doesn’t matter if it works for anyone else? Maybe you need a deadline too? Try writing with a partner, writing for someone as a birthday gift or writing to a competition deadline. Who knows what stories you have waiting to be uncovered?

Share your writing journey with us.



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