National Sorry Day

May 20, 2023

We take the time on this post to acknowledge and commemorate the upcoming National Sorry Day on 26th May each year. This is a day to remember the removal of Aboriginal children from their families and communities. A chance to reflect and commemorate so history doesn’t continue to repeat itself.

The first ‘Sorry Day’ was in 1998 after the ‘Bringing Them Home’ report was tabled to the Australian Parliament. Some would argue little has changed with First Nations children in Australia 10.6 times more likely than non-First Nations children to be removed from their families.

The impact of invasion, colonisation, massacres, frontier wars, Stolen Generation and other Government policies have manifested in intergenerational trauma which impacts First Nations peoples and communities differently. One of the impacts is a high representation of First Nations children being removed from family care- today.

Our books explore a the intergenerational trauma and intergenerational strengths of Kimberley First Nations peoples- in particular Jaru and Kija peoples from the East Kimberley. My (Carl) grandmother was a victim of the Stolen Generation. Our books touch on the issue of Stolen Generation and explore intergenerational trauma and strength in detail. You might like to read one of our books today, this week or on the day: Black Cockatoo (Magabala 2018), My Deadly Boots (Lothian 2022) or Tracks of the Missing (Magabala 2022). 

We encourage you to ‘do the work’ to be a active learner and strong ally:

Ways you can observe and commemorate Sorry Day include:

  • Attend a reconciliation walks or street march
  • Do a Sorry Day flag raising at your school or work
  • Host a morning tea or lunch to raise funds for a First Nations charity
  • Invite (and pay for ) speeches from First Nations community leaders, Elders and educators

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