NAIDOC 2023- For Our Elders

November 18, 2022

NAIDOC 2023- For Our Elders

Our Elders are a fundamental part of communities- knowledge, culture, language, Law. They are the leaders and the changemakers. They help younger ones hold onto their culture, language, knowledge of Country and histories.

Our Elders- by definition- are older. But not always necessarily old people. Elders can be adults who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom who are recognised by their community as such. They can be adults who have been inducted into the role of Elder through specific cultural protocol and Law- often scared and protected Men’s or Women’s Business. Each language and culture group will have different definitions, ways of being selected/elected as Elders and different roles of Elders. Some of this information will be available to the wider public, some information is protected and sacred to specific people within the language group or within the language group themselves.

NAIDOC 2023 reminds us that we must connect, listen and learn from these knowledge holders now.

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