International Day of Indigenous Peoples

August 7, 2023

This week people around the world celebrate the International Day of Indigenous Peoples on 9th August. This includes celebrating and acknowledging our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander First Nations peoples.

This day, first celebrated in 1994 when announced by the UN, allows us all to reflect on the strengths of Indigenous peoples. The rich and diverse languages, cultures, land connection and management, ancient knowledge and wisdom.

On this day we also reflect on the challenges faced by First Nations peoples around the world. Often these challenges stem from colonial impact- invasion, colonisation, massacres, frontier wars, slavery, racist systems for example. Sometimes the challenges stem from other issues such as war, climate change, religion, development and other factors. As this is an international day- the challenges faced by First Nations peoples is varied.

Through days like this, we are invited to have an open mind to learn about First Nations peoples around the world. The visibility of Indigenous peoples- their strengths and challenges- allows us to feel connected, empathise and visualise these peoples. And with this comes hope for working together to move forward to overcome the challenges that these peoples face- because we are all interconnected. The challenges that international (and our own) First Nations peoples face stem from issues we all need to look at and address.

First Nations peoples in the Asian-Pacific are disproportionately affected by climate change, access to health and education and other challenges. And have so much vibrant, diverse strengths to share.

So today learn more:

How can you celebrate:

  • Invite First Nations guest speakers to your school or organisation (budget to pay for their time as guests)
  • Learn about Indigenous peoples of your area and surrounding areas- visit a cultural centre, look at the AIATSIS map, read books about First Nations peoples, view First Nations peoples documentaries/shows
  • Learn about Indigenous peoples of other countries.¬†¬†
  • Look at art works from Indigenous peoples around the world- celebrate the diversity, strengths and talent of First Nations peoples

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