Inspiration for Tracks of the Missing

May 5, 2022

What inspired ‘Tracks of the Missing’?

‘Tracks of the Missing’ is our new YA suspense thriller following Deklan Archer as he tracks through the outback in search for missing school students…. while being tracked himself.

  1. Reading Goosebumps and other books with our son, Deklan, every night.
  2. Telling scary stories to Archer, Brooklyn, Deklan and other young relatives out bush.
  3. Seeing First Nations students in the Kimberley disengaged from literature, struggling with learning English… despite having ESLD, knowing more than one language, rich oral story telling and many other strengths.
  4. We like playing with different genres- we had done middle readers and children’s books. YA suspense was fun to play with.

We had a lot of fun writing this one. The funny thing about publishing is this book was finished in around 2018… was shortlisted for Daisy Utemorrah Award in 2019 and is finally in your hands.

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