Diversify your Bookshelf

March 25, 2024

I recently participated in a Yarn and Learn webinar through Riley Callie Resources with Jade Goodwin, Elise Ellerman (Reading Opens Doors) to discuss diversity and First Nations representation in books. A topic I feel strongly about.

I grew up in the small remote outback town of Halls Creek in the Kimberley at the top of Western Australia’s north. My small school library did not have many First Nations created books back in the 80s and 90s. I didn’t see myself or my experiences represented in the mainstream, traditionally published Australian and international books that were available to me in the classrooms I was in. Magabala Books has done so much work since then in this space. So to have other Australian publishers- including Hachette (Lothian) and Harper Collins who I am also published with.

But where do you fit in all of this?

You can play a role in being the parent, librarian or teacher that creates a diverse bookshelf so your children can see themselves in books, or see the lives of others through books and develop empathy and understanding.

Inspired by Croakey article “For parents, teachers, and children some resources for decolonising education”

You can take 7 steps to diversity your school library, public library, classroom bookshelf or personal bookshelf.

  1. Reflect on diversity
  2. Audit the books
  3. Mindfully choose new diverse books
  4. Shelf labels and spine labels
  5. Normalise diversity
  6. Share information
  7. Recommend

If you are looking to diversify your personal reading check out the reading grid below.

Looking for more?

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