Deadly passwords made easy

October 29, 2017

If your teacher asks you to create a password for your school account or to set up an email- use this password hack to help you create deadly passwords that you can keep for a long time and never forget! Or if you just want to start a Facebook or Instagram account but can’t think of a skutta password that won’t get hacked then this trick is something you should try for sure too! Keep forgetting the password for all your accounts? Get your DivaChat password confused with your YouTube account? Have one clever password for them all but just change one to make it unique!

Now we have lots of different accounts- website, Facebook, Instagram and more- to remember I’ve had to think about making easy to remember, hard to hack passwords for each.

I’ll let you mob in on my secret!

I use the same password with a little easy twist for them all!!

All you have to do is think of one skutta sentence that means something to you and that probably won’t change and has at least one number in it. Like “I have 3 uncles and 2 aunties” or “My birth day is the 14th of July”. Then you just use the first letter from everything and use the number: “Ih3ua2a” or “Mbdit14oJ”. The last trick is to just simply add the first letter of name of the website you are using the password for: “Ih3ua2aF” for Facebook or “Mbdit14oJI” for Instagram. That way whenever you go to your different account you just remember the same sentence and just change the ending.

I have 3 uncles= Ih3ua2a= Ih3ua2aF (Facebook) or Ih3ua2aI (Instagram) or Ih3ua2aT (Twitter).

My birth day is the 14th of July= Mbdit14J= Mbdit14JF (Facebook) or Mbdit14JT (Twitter) or Mbdit14JI (Instagram).

Hope that helped!

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