Deadly Reads- Yinti Desert Child

October 2, 2019

Title: Yinti Desert Child (Magabala 2019) -part of the Yinti series- Yinti Desert Dog and Yinti Desert Cowboy

Audience: YA 12+ including struggling readers and Aboriginal audiences. There is a content warning for this book though- death of a child, graphic hunting and inferred suicide.

Genre: Fiction/autobiographical- The book is a series of short snippets of Yinti (based on author Jimmy Pike’s life) that weave into a bigger story of his life.

Review: We really enjoyed reading the Yinti series. Pat Lowe and Jimmy Pike have done a great job of capturing the harsh reality of life on Walmajarri Country (Kimberley WA). The short chapters are vignettes from Yinti’s childhood and build a picture of his connection to family, culture and country. Readers may be challenged by the explicit hunting and treatment of animals and the stories of death, punishment and Law. The stories are told in a simple, matter of fact way which does help to create an emotional distance between the events. We recommend this book to readers 12+ who are interested in Aboriginal history and culture.

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