Deadly Reads: Kick with My Left Foot

December 22, 2018

Between the two of us life has been pretty full at the moment! The launch of Black Cockatoo (Magabala 2018),¬†writing our second novel about featherfoot, volunteering with Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns, coaching the local woman’s footy team, working full time… and you know living life in general… it’s been pretty hard to sink our teeth into any good YA books lately! We do make time to read to our daughter every night so we had to review some of the deadly children books we’ve read on repeat.

Kick with My Left Foot by Paul Seden and Karen Briggs (Allen and Unwin Little Book Club 2014)

This deadly little picture book would be perfect for all your little bubbas (brothers) and jijas (sisters) that love footy! It’s pretty easy to read- using the same short sentence structure and similar words throughout the book. It would be deadly for a kindy for prep class to help them learn their left and right! The illustrations show an Aboriginal kid and their dog out on a red dust foot field. It could be any of your mob younger family and any of your footy fields! It’s a simple read and wont take you long- it doesn’t really leave room to use your imagination about parts of the story.

This book was nominated for the CBCA award and shortlisted.

Worthwhile read with really littlies.

Have you read it? What did you think?


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