Deadly Reads: Idea Jar

January 20, 2019

Sorry all you mob… I’m doing a children’s book review again! The teacher in me couldn’t help it! So just click away from this page if you came here looking for some skutta Aboriginal YA book suggestions ;p

Idea Jar- Adam Lehrhaupt and Deb Pilutti (Simon and Schuster 2018)

Loved this little book!! All teachers of lower primary should get a copy for when they study creative writing, fairy tales or the like.

Voiced from a kids point of view the narrator tells the reader about their teacher’s Ideas Jar. The kid then goes on to list some of the crazy, exciting ideas that have become trapped in the jar… waiting for their special story to come out!

This is THE perfect book to help students understand the idea behind collecting ideas in a brainstorm, notepad or story ideas jar for their future creative writing. It helps them see how a story can evolve from a simple, single idea.

Highly recommend for lower primary!


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