Reading is my Super Power- CBCA 2019

July 5, 2019

Hey teacher and librarian mob… we have a few more CBCA Book Week ideas for you!

  • Read a CBCA shortlisted book each day until Book Week with your class. Use the judging criteria to see if they can write their own reviews of the books.
  • As you read through the shortlisted CBCA books- ask students to brainstorm the super powers the characters had (empathy, kindness, sharing power, resilience) and the super powers they are practising by reading the book (imagination, concentration etc)
  • Hold a class vote for their favourite books from the list/their category- have a ‘Super Judge/Guesser/Telepath’ crown or medal for the child that guesses the most correct on the day.
  • Invite in an Elder to sit with you while you read the books about Aboriginal culture or nature aloud and then invite them to tell local stories.
  • CBCA Book Week Amazing Race- Use your super powers to solve the clues around the school or library. You might ask students to use their speed power to unscrabble words while timed, endurance to match book covers to a quote, solve an anagram, use teamwork to do something etc.
  • Create a whole class super power story. You can’t use names of your class. Read them at an assembly and the teachers/students have to guess the clues woven throughout to figure out the class.
  • Have a Book Week Quiz using any one of the deadly quiz powerpoint templates you can easily download
  • Play Corners or Lines with your class: Would you rather have telepathy or be invisible? What would you do good or evil if you suddenly had a super power? Students need to move to the side of the room of their choice, yarn with the kids there and then be prepared to share.
  • Guess the teachers super powers. Create a display of teachers pictures and students need to guess their super powers. The student with the most correct answers might win a crown or medal for the day with ‘Super Mind Reader’ or something similar.
  • Create their own Reading Super Power trading cards-
  • Get extra ideas for specific texts on the Paper Bark Words Blog which has deadly ideas for each book shortlisted 

Also see below the ideas we thought of from our other post here:

Discussion points:

  • Why is reading an easy super power to get?
  • Why is reading a good super power to have?
  • What is your favourite book and how has reading it made you more powerful?

Art and craft ideas:

  • Origami ninja stars- label with your reading powers
  • Design the ‘Super Reader’ logo, chest plate, uniform, powers and enemy
  • Use a page of an old book to create a cryptic clue.
  • Make a superhero outfit from old newspapers
  • Draw a self portrait with secret powers you have got from books
  • Cut and paste things from books/magazines/newspapers/brochures etc to make your secret super hero

Class activities:

  • Practice a new reading superpower each week- super knowledge, super ‘how to’ power, super problem solving, super time travel, super world travels etc.
  • Design a reading superpower boardgame/card game where players have to read stuff to win
  • Brainstorm ways reading makes you powerful
  • Race to list as many books that have characters with powers (secret or not).

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PS- While you are here… our novella Black Cockatoo (Magabala 2018) has been shortlisted for the Young Reader CBCA Award 2019. We have a comprehensive, differentiated teaching pack available for FREE download here. 

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