Deadly Reads- Begin, End, Begin- A Love OZ YA Anthology

January 10, 2018

If you haven’t yet read the “Begin, End, Begin- A Love OZ YA Anthology” edited by Danielle Binks you should now.

It took me a while to be sold on the ‘anthology’ and short story idea. I’m a lover of big, fat books so that I can get lost and not have to worry about saying goodbye to a good book.

After seeing the Begin, End, Begin anthology flash up in my Facebook news feed for so long, I was super excited when my editor from A Worded Life gifted it to me for Christmas.

You have to read it so you are exposed to more OZ YA writers! Okay, so I didn’t love all the stories in the anthology- but I loved analysing what really worked for me as a reader and what really didn’t. Having such talented writers and interesting stories laid out in one anthology made it so easy to compare and reflect on how I could better shape my writing. I now have 10 authors who I have ‘taste tested’… and I am dying to read more from most.

You so should read it so you are exposed to the genres that don’t usually get you. Sci-fi is not my thing… space, aliens yuck. Butttttttt reading this anthology one of my favourites was First Casualty by Michael Pryor about space ‘schoolies’ and space refugees. Go figure. Mind blown.

You just need to pick it up because it shows you how vast the YA genre is. In this anthology you get a little sci-fi, a gay romance, a little future telling, a splash of teen pregnancy, hurt and forgiveness… I’m not even sure which genre they all fit, but they weren’t my usual reads. And I loved it. Getting stuck in my Aussie YA, YA fantasy and YA post-apocalyptic books I am drawn to the genres I know and pretty covers. I sometimes forget there are others to explore!

You totes should get it so you can spread the Love OZ YA love! My favourites were: First Casualty by Michael Pryor, Last Night at the Mount Solemn Observatory and The Feeling From Over Here by Gabrielle Tozer. We have some amazingly talented OZ YA writers… hoping to add our names to the ‘amazing’ list in 2018.

What was your favourite short story from the anthology?
Have you read the authors’ other books- which do you recommend?

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