Barefoot Investor

October 14, 2019

You mob- you need to get ‘buckets’!

So you could read the whole book if you wanted but if all you do- set up separate bank accounts for the way you use your money. Your local Aboriginal organisation can probably help you- Wunan in the East Kimberly, The Circle in Broome.

Basically you need one transaction account and several linked savings accounts. Scott Pape from The Barefoot Investor suggests using ING or ME Bank because they have no fees and high interest on savings- you can use the banking at your Post Office to just like CommBank.

Your wage goes into your transaction account and then you auto transfer into your other accounts. That way you have more control over your money.

Ps- I made this with a few different wage brackets so my students can compare different jobs and the money you have to spread across different accounts- the type of lifestyle they want. Happy to share if you are a teacher and would like copies.

What do you think? Could you do it? How do you manage your money and budget?

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