Hakea and Carl love interacting with readers. Both have spent over 10+ years each in the education system so are able to conduct school talks, workshops and Q&As to increase engagement.

We have limited availability for author talks and workshops at schools, festivals, libraries and events.  

5min Book Introduction Video- FREE

– A quick introduction video where we: say the name of your class/school, express our excitement that they are reading the book, say we look forward to seeing their work and hearing their feedback.


Whole Class Letter Reply- FREE

– We love responding to class letters. Collaborating as a whole class to share ideas about the book, share work samples or ask questions- allows us to reply in bulk to everyone in one reply letter. 


Social Media Tags- FREE

– Tag us in your school, class, teacher social media pages and we will happily comment on your posts! @carlandhakeaauthors #carlandhakeaauthors #carlmerrison #hakeahustler #mydeadlyboots #tracksofthemissing #blackcockatoobook 


AUTHOR TALK – In Person Single Session, Single Presenter (Carl or Hakea) 

– 60mins author talk only $330 (suitable for up to 110 students)

– $406 for author talk then workshop 90mins (suitable for up to 32 students)

Extended workshops/talks incur a surcharge as do additional students beyond the cap. 


AUTHOR TALK- Half Day , Single Presenter (Carl or Hakea)

– 2x 60mins consecutive sessions with different student groups $457 (up to 110 students per group)


AUTHOR TALK- Full Day, Single Presenter (Carl or Hakea)

– 3 x 60min sessions or 4x 45min sessions with a total of 180 minutes of contact time $660

This could be 1 author talk and two workshops, or various combinations of talks and workshops by negotiation. 


Additional Considerations:

– Carl and Hakea are often between the Kimberley WA and Northern Rivers NSW. Travel may be free if within a suitable distance- or may be charged depending on travel time. Travel and accommodation costs if working away from home. Full travel and accommodation costs and $81 per day to cover food and incidentals. 

– Children in K-3 classes will need smaller class sizes and shorter session times. 

– Hakea and Carl have very limited availability and may not be able to accommodate in-person visits. 

– To book both Carl and Hakea to visit in tandem we offer a 20% reduction in the second author fee. They can present a talk together and then workshops separately or together as needed. 


AUTHOR TALKS Virtual Talks/Presentations – (live)

  • Up to 60 minutes.
  • A degree of open interaction from students with the presenter.
  • The school provides the online platform link.
  • The school provides a moderator to be present during the session.


1 x 60 minute session: $305 single presenter or $452.50 for both 

Add a 2nd session on the same day total: $431 for single presenter or $646.50 for both

Add a 3rd session on the same day total: $634 for single presenter or $951 for both

Most presentations will be made to class size groups.



Recordings of Presentation:

  • Any recording of a virtual presentation should be specifically permitted by the presenter. 
  • The presenter owns the rights to the recording; any future use of the recording will attract an additional fee to be negotiated between the school and the presenter (specify fee); the permission / licence granted to the school to use the recording be limited to single use, or a specific, negotiated, period of time such as one or two weeks.

AUTHOR TALKS Pre-recorded Talk/Presentation

The pre-recorded author talks will be up to 30 minutes.

The author/s will specifically address the school and class by name. 

Answer some pre-submitted questions by students (this could be in video format from the students, in letter form or collated by the teacher- we love to have the names of students asking the question and questions in their own words so we can make the response personal. For example: “My name is Jack. I love football and play for Seagulls in Sydney. Why do you always include football in your books?” or “My name is Jenna from Year 5 Blue at Colac Primary School. My favourite animal is the horse. Why do you include animals in your stories?”). Limited number of submissions to 32 or less- presenters to decide on which to answer. 

Link the talk to the context of the students and make links between your student’s experiences and those in our books (such as referring to the local things nearby your school, making links to the things students have said they are interested in in their letters etc). 

The author talk will then include writing process, background of books and other details.

There will be no live Q&A. The file will be provided via Vimeo online or Google Drive for download by teacher. 

Presenter owns the rights to the recording. File provided to school on a non-exclusive basis- Term use in school only. 



Thirty-minute presentation- single use in school context only: $117 for both presenters (where both are available)


Hakea Hustler and Carl Merrison base their presenter fees on the Australian Society of Authors recommended rates. Books, talks and resource sales allow Hakea and Carl to continue to write and produce books for your enjoyment. 

Happy with the above information? Ready to reach out to see if we can arrange a time to present to your students? 

Booking requests can be made to author@hakeahustler.com.au or admin@theremoteteacher.com.au 


Please note- not all booking requests can be accommodated due to work-author-family-life balance. 

Did you know- if we are unavailable someone in our team may still be able to have a chat with your students? 

They all charge independent rates and will need to be contacted directly to discuss your presenting needs. 



Dub Leffler is an award-winning First Nations author and illustrator who is highly experienced at delivering school workshops, writers’ festivals and other events. Contact Dub via his website: https://www.dublefflerillustrator.com/home



Samantha Campbell (nee Fry) is an award-winning First Nations illustrator who has worked on some amazing books. Visit:

https://www.samanthacampbell.com.au/blank to see if Samantha is able to offer anything to your organisation. 



Shel Sweeney is the owner of editing and writing mentor service, A Worded Life, as well as a qualified counsellor at A Counselled Life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts-Literature, Bachelor Degree in Teaching-English, Master of Arts Professional Writing and Literature and has 8 years of experience in the publishing industry. She has judged national book awards. 

Shel runs engaging creative writing workshops and can be contacted through her website: www.awordedlife.com



Alex is an experienced agent who works with some of Australia’s biggest publishing names. Alex sometimes presents at festivals and larger events. Contact Alex through her website: https://alexadsett.com.au/ 



Rachel is the head of publishing at Magabala Books. She has worked in the industry for over 15 years. Rachel presents at some literary festivals and other larger events: https://www.magabala.com/collections/rachel-bin-salleh