Hakea– I lived some of my life with my mum and dad, some of my life as a kid with my grandparents and then I moved back with my dad as a teen. I was a book worm- I kind of used books as a way to escape reality and dive into other worlds.

Carl- I grew up in Halls Creek in the desert of the Kimberley Western Australia. I was a wild, snotty nosed bush kid who rode horses, ran around catching goanna, fishing and swimming with mates.

Hakea and Carl– Events or snippets of real life. For instance, Jy shooting down birds with a shanghai (slingshot) was a real thing that happened when I was teaching in Halls Creek. Or the way the grandfather makes Jy eat the bird was what happened when we went out bush with our mate TJ and his family. We kind of also think about stories we wish we had or stories we wish our son and daughter could read.

Hakea- Isobelle Carmody, Ian Irvine, John Marsden, Tristan Bancks… do I have to just pick ONE!

Carl- I love sports biographies, crime or interesting Australian autobiographies.

Hakea and Carl- Our editor, Shel Sweeney from A Worded Life, was the reason we had the guts to even submit Black Cockatoo to be considered with Magabala Books.

Hakea and Carl- Finding time and a quiet place that we can actually write together.

Hakea- Seeing that book finished… then seeing other people enjoy it!

Carl- Seeing my family members reading my books. Knowing that I am telling stories that have Aboriginal stories and faces in them. That my stories matter.

Hakea- Today it is mash potato… next week it will be something else! I kind of have these food moments where I will eat so much of one type of food over a week or two then not touch them for a year. One time it was Magnum icecreams every single day, another time it was Nutrigrain, then one time it was hummus and dip.

Carl- bush foods. Turkey, barra, goanna.

Hakea- I’ve been loving Bluey (ABC Kids), The 100 on Netflix and probably… the News? I don’t watch too much TV 🙂

Carl- I love watching sports! AFL is my favourite but I also enjoy basketball and every sport.

Hakea- It took me until I was 29 and had inspiration from Carl and support from our writing mentor (Shel Sweeney from A Worded Life) to find my voice. Write stories you love… and it won’t matter when or if you get published.

Yes, we would love to visit your school, festival and/or bookstore.

The reality: We have a really tight calendar with two jobs, Carl’s football coaching, fitting in family and friends. 

We may* have availability Thursday afternoon for Western Australian school talks. We might* also have weekends, public holidays or school holidays to be guest speakers or run workshops at other events. 

As a work-around we love replying to letters or emails from readers, pre-recording videos for schools/bookshops/events. 

A quick little web search of ‘author study questions’ gave us a few great question ideas. You are welcome to come up with any questions you want about our books, writing or careers before emailing or reaching out on social media. We love responding to readers!